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    The complete collection of rings and wedding rings from Tungsten Carbide Sedk (the hardest metal in the jewelry industry), includes rings and wedding rings from Tungsten Carbide glossy polished black, polished satin black, polished silver, polished satin silver and polished satin-sand silver.

  • Tungsten Silvery Rings

    Features Tungsten Carbide rings:

    • Silver Tungsten Carbide rings are the most resistant to scratches (abrasions), of all existing metals from which jewelery are made.

    • Tungsten Carbide is 10 times tougher than Gold (18k) and Silver. 8 times tougher than Platinum, and 4 times tougher than the Titan. Tungsten Carbide measures the MOHS scale (scale of material hardness scale) step 9 (on 10 diamonds).

    • Due to its extreme hardness, the Tungsten Carbide rings will retain their shape, will scratch the hardest and will keep polishing / shine the most of all the available jewels.

    • Tungsten Carbide rings can not be bent.

    • Confort-Fit design, rounded shape on the inside of the ring for maximum comfort, and lower finger pressure during wear.

  • Tungsten Black Rings

    The natural color of the Tungsten Carbide rings is silver. Recently there is interest in black rings and wedding rings such as onyx and black ceramics (the two are not metals). There is an increasing interest in black rings and weeding rings, but most of customers prefer metal. Tungsten Carbide combines outstanding strength (with abrasions, scratches) and black in unique design styles. The black alloy that covers the rings and wedding rings of black Tungsten Carbide has the Titan component, which is applied to the surface of the rings and the wedding rings by spraying the atomic particles at high extrem speeds so that the particles are incorporated into the jewelry surface. This process is called Ion Vapor Deposition (IVD).

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